Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is It Really Spring?

Ah, the First Day of Spring, but is it really Spring? I have to wonder, as the next day it snowed again! We had been doing pretty good around here - all the snow had melted away, well, almost all of it, except for that patch that was persistently clinging to the ground next to the garage.

When I put the dog out that Friday morning, what did I see? Poor Robin-Redbreast perched in my backyard tree, feathers puffed up and shuddering in an effort to stay warm. I believe that Robin must have been just as excited as I was for the coming of warmer weather and had flown directly to Michigan in anticipation of the event. But Robin's plans had run amok, and it looked like it was frozen to the tree branch.

Fortunately, the fresh covering of snow didn't last and soon melted away. The days have warmed up since and, yesterday, I saw Robin swooping over the front lawn, possibly looking for a frozen worm to eat. I'm sure it was just as glad as I was that things are looking brighter and the winter weather is finally going to end - I mean, it has to end eventually, doesn't it?